Tuesday, December 6, 2011

above freezing. what the heck. so disappointed.

Hey yall!

This week has been pretty weird. Not because of anything that happened, but because of the weather. Like 2 weeks ago it was -40 now its 4 today. Which is like 40 in the US maybe a lil chillier. Scratch all that. I just walked outside and the temperature dropped to -2 and it has snowed 3 inches.... Dangit! I would rather have snow at this point instead of rain though. This "warmup" is very shortlived. Supposed to drop back down to the teens and single digits. Sorry if switchin back and forth between celcius and fahrenheit is confusin yall. 

Last P-day was a pretty lazy day. Elder Johnson rolled his ankle pretty badly so he was a no go for basketball and we were all just tired and didn't wanna do anything. Elder Duncan and I went and taught Laxmi and her sons Anshil and Sahil. We read from the Book of Mormon and then we played some games with the 2 boys. They are so funny. Sahil wears like 4 shirts all the time. He is so skinny. They were both baptized in May or June. 

Tuesday, Elder Johnson and I were on exchanges together in my area and we decided to go to Carcross. It's a little town with about 500 in the summer? In the winter there is about 200 to 300 people. They are mostly first nations. Thats what they use to refer to the natives in Canada. We also decided to go to Tagish and see what was there. Not too much. Probably 150 people. They are very spread out. We talked to a lady there for a little bit. Then we headed back to Whitehorse for supper at the Thompson's. Sister Thompson is a great cook and treats us so well. We don't have to knock or anything. It's almost like we live there, but without living there. We were gonna go and teach David and Xenia, but they were very sick and everyone has been sick lately. It's no fun. We went and saw Bro. Andre and we sang with him and played guitar for about an hour. We heard that the Northern Lights were gonna be out so we got permission from Pres. Beesley to stay out late and try to see them. Of course they didn't show, at least while we were there. 

Wednesday we woke up early and got packed and everything to go to Juneau. We drove down to Skagway. I couldn't hardly see 10 ft in front of me on one part of the trip. Between the Canada and US customs was the worst. They have the road markers about 15 yards apart and I couldn't see from one to the other. Lots of guessing and keeping the wheel straight and having to catch glimpses of things as the gusts of wind/snow would stop for a split second. The rest of the trip to Skagway was great! The wind was so strong in Skagway that we could spit 50 yds off a bridge they have going over a river. We had about an hour to kill before our plane came so we had some fun and took some pictures. Skagway is a nice little town. Pretty dead in the winter though. The plane flight to Juneau was rough at first and then it calmed down. We did the Booyah Grill again and we chose Elder Duncan to be our districts representative. He ate the El Papi (huge burrito that looks like a baby is wrapped inside). He had an hour to eat it and he almost did it too. He was so close. There were 4 people that tried it and none of them did it. 

Thursday we had Zone Conference. It was really good. It was centered around the Christmas season and around the Savior's birth. We also went caroling at a mall and then at Walmart. Sister Beesley drove us around the parking lot and had us sing lol. It was weird but funny. 

Friday was the backup date to Zone Conference and so we basically sat around all day Friday and watched Fires of Faith. Someone made us a mean bean soup. It was soooooo good. I ate so much of it that I didn't have supper. We went caroling again at the mall and people liked it a lot. 

Saturday morning we woke up at 530 in the morning and went to the airport by 700. Our flight left at 8 and so we were gonna be back in Whitehorse fairly early. I got to ride co-pilot! It was pretty cool! We had to stop in Haines and let some people off and then we took off again and turned towards Skagway and the clouds were low and you couldn't see a thing so the pilot took us back to Juneau. We sat there for another 5 or 6 hours wondering if we were even gonna make it back to Whitehorse that day. Finally we got to go to Skagway and it was awesome. We got to Haines again and it looked like we weren't gonna be able to go and so all of us Elders said a prayer ourselves and then all of a sudden everything calmed down and cleared up and we were able to land in Skagway and make it back. It was pretty awesome to see the Lord answer our prayers so suddenly. The drive back was pretty clear and there was no problem with visibility. I was happy to be able to get back in Whitehorse and get to work. I was tired of sittin around doin nothing. 

Sunday the Christmas devotional was great. Lots of things that I am excited for now. Especially the videos that are coming out! Anyways I love yall and hope yall are doin well wherever you are! 


-Elder Taylor Bowes

P.S. I attached some pictures of Tagish and Carcross as well as, Juneau. Enjoy!

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