Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sick Week

Hey yall.
Not much to tell yall about... reason being that I was sick the entire week!
On Tuesday I went to the doctor and they gave me some medicine to start taking for strep throat and that was supposed to get me better. I took it for a few days and rested up allllll day. I've actually never hated sleeping so much... As the days passed, my throat got worse and worse to the point where I didn't want to eat or drink because it hurt so bad.
Friday I woke up and my throat was almost swollen shut. I weighed myself because I am self concious about my weight.... and I lost 10 lbs. in 2 days and was pretty weak. It was awesome! (just in case you didn't catch it, that was sarcasm :))  It was to the point that I thought I might be catching Pnuemonia. We went to the ER and they said I didn't have Pnuemonia! :D I got an IV and some medicine that is actually strong enough to get rid of the strep. They gave me Augmentin and put me on Prednasone to get the swelling down. The next day the strep was almost already gone! Sunday morning it was gone!!! :D I feel a million times better now!
Other than that nothing has happened this week because I was either sick or recovering! I am definitely healthy again and ready to get back to work!! Hope yall remember to do the small things that bring great things to pass! :) Love yall! Have an awesome week!
-Elder Taylor Bowes
P.S. Sorry I haven't sent any pictures... My camera ain't workin!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Hey Yall!
I am so sorry I haven't emailed yall in so long! I guess the last time I emailed yall was right after transfers a few weeks back. I'll try to remember as much as I can, probably only the most important things will stick out in memory.
2 weeks ago we went to Anchorage for a few days. Monday we got there and had to email in the library there which you only get a hour to email. I didn't have time to answer everybody and write this email. After that we went and played basketball and it was the first time in a long time for me that I played with a bunch of other missionaries. Lets just say that livin' in a place with a gym has improved my game. :D Elder Merrill, MacPherson, Davis and I were on teams and we won 9 in a row before they kicked us off the court because nobody could beat us! :) That was pretty awesome! I got to see lots of missionaries and people I haven't seen in a long time! That night we went and saw the Wilcox!! family and ate supper with them and then went to the Hodgson's!! I miss those families soooo much!! We stayed at the mission home that night. It was lots of fun! We had Elder Anderson and Elder Bamlul with us. I don't think we went to sleep on time any of the 3 nights we were there. lol
That Tuesday we had Zone Conference. It was really good. It was on the upcoming Easter weekend and how we need to make sure we remember to work hard and stay busy. After Zone Conference we went and ate with Elder Merrill's cousin at Red Robin! It was soooo good. He gave us money too. He is super nice! That night we received our own personal training on how to work with the Ward leaders and get their help in finding people to hear the gospel.
Wednesday we ran around getting some things for ourselves and people back in Bethel. It was a pretty hectic day. We hopped on the plane and flew back to Bethel.
Friday was an eventful day.... Our transmission had been actin' up for the past couple of days and we were turning into the post office and she went out. Luckily reverse still worked so I backed up probably 200 yards to the shop down the street. I got a couple of strange looks with a truck goin' backwards down the road. Since then we have been without a vehicle and have been walking! What a joy....
Saturday was of course General Conference! I didn't get to see either of the first 2 sessions because I was sick. We watched the Priesthood session too and it was good, but the feed out here kept cuttin' in and out. I plan on rewatchin' all of it! We had pizza afterwards, reminded me of Roxboro when we always had pizza before Priesthood session.
Sunday was really good! Got to watch all of those sessions. Its awesome to be able to hear from the Prophet and the apostles. They truly are inspired of God.
This past week has been really good too. We've stayed very busy with walking everywhere and we have definitely learned to be better at time management. It has been warm here lately and everything is melting which has made it quite muddy.
We went to a Ducks Unlimited banquet this past Saturday and I almost won a Benelli Supernova 12 guage! lol They fed us prime rib! It was soooo good!
Right now at the moment I have strep throat.... It's really awesome and I wish I could have it all the time.... Sike! I am really drained and am on house arrest til tomorrow afternoon. I really dislike being sick. This email would be longer if it weren't for that. I love yall and hope yall are doing well!
-Elder Taylor Bowes