Monday, November 28, 2011

I just met this dude that served his mission in Raleigh, NC !

We were here emailing and a member that we have never met came and he served his mission in NC and knows Elder Loftus, Ross, King and many others. He is pretty cool! I'm pretty excited about that right now. 

This week was an absolute blast! We have been so busy. Monday a member bought us a membership to the Canada Games Center and bought us a punch card for 10 times so we don't have to pay to play there. We have been playing there consistently and have gotten a few people to come play with us cause they know they will have a good workout. We were gonna play today, but Elder Johnson rolled his ankle pretty badon Saturday and his ankle is weak now. 

Usually Tuesday and Wednesday are our slow days, but this week it was pretty opposite. We had President Little come to a lesson with us and lets just say he knows his scriptures. He was taking us all over the place, but I didn't mind at all. I think I learned more than Brenda, our investigator, did.  

Wednesday we finished up the snowman that we have been working on for about a month. We had Sister Guevera, she says she isn't a professional painter, but she is so good. Brother McCracken built us a frame and stand for it. The museum loved it. It was way more than they expected. I attached a picture of it. 

Thursday we did service basically all day. We helped put styrofoam in a crawl space to seal it and make the house warmer. Also it was Thanksgiving and the Thompson's had us over. We stayed there for about 4 hours. The Thompson's daughter Nicole came up for Thanksgiving. Prior to her coming we made plans to prank her twice. I couldn't really be a part of it because she has skyped at supper time and had already met me. Sister Thompson told Nicole before she came home that one of the Elders was a little slow. Elder Duncan pretended to be slow and then Elder Norris pretended to be a new missionary and it was his first holiday away from home. So we all got there and were acting everything and when she met Elder Duncan he said hi in his slow voice which was perfect. Her face turned away from him and she was like omg what do I do... She bought it! He kept it up til after the other Elders got there and we had Sister Thompson ask Elder Norris all these questions about home and what he thought about it. Then Nicole said "Stop you're gonna make him cry.", the whole time this was going on Elder Norris was making his face red and sad looking and then all of a sudden got up and slammed the chair under the table and ran to the bathroom 'crying'. Everyone kept a straight face and acted shocked and Nicole completely bought it! Elder Norris stayed in the bathroom and made the crying sound and everything and Elder Johnson acted as the caring companion and went and tried to calm him down and stuff. Elder Johnson apologized and said that they were gonna have to leave and have to come get some food later. So they left and were yelling and fake arguing on the way to the truck and got in the truck and drove around the block and came running back in yellin "Got ya!" haha Nicole was so mad. It was hilarious. So then we waited about 10 minutes and we had Elder Duncan end his slow act and ask her all these questions and then ended his act by saying "Nicole, never try to prank the missionaries". It was perfect cause she tries to prank the missionaries all the time. I wish we had a video recording of Elder Norris and Elder Johnson. After that we played Monopoly and Nicole lost so she didn't even get to redeem herself. It was a wonderful Thanksgiving. 

Friday was a pretty slow day. 

Saturday we did service allll day. We didn't even dress in the normal attire.  

Church was great Sunday with awesome talks by the members and then we kept very busy the rest of the day. I will have to start saying goodbye to people here as some people are leaving for christmas time soon and I will be gone before they leave. I have grown to love this place and the people here as well. They take great care of us. 

I hope yall are doing well and that yall are enjoying this great time of year. Remember why we have Christmas and celebrate it the right way remembering our Savior!

Love yall!

-Elder Taylor Bowes

Monday, November 21, 2011

40 below....

November 21, 2011

Hey yall. 

This week has been a very good week. It has definitely been very cold this week as well. It stayed around the -20's in fareheit. -40 celcius is the same as -40 farenheit. That's when it is the same. We have been getting the truck serviced all week. Oil change and new tires and all that jazz. The beginning of this week was pretty slow, but it definitely picked up on Thursday. There is still so much potential here and we have people that are right there at the waters edge, but they are just content with where they are right now I reckon. Seems like all of them aren't reading the Book of Mormon consistently. I love the Book of Mormon. I don't think there has ever been a question that I have had that hasn't been answered in the Book of Mormon. Life is an open book test with the Bible and Book of Mormon, we just have to take advantage of that. I am in Helaman right now in the Book of Mormon and I am in Genesis and Matthew in the Old and New Testament. I find lots of answers to other peoples questions as well. If any of yall haven't read the Book of Mormon I encourage you to do so. It will change your life! I know it has changed mine! 

We have an awesome District here in Whitehorse and we are all working very hard to help others and to help each other. I have already found out that I will be transferred from Whitehorse just before Christmas, which makes me sad, but I am definitely excited to find out what's gonna happen. Til then I will continue to work hard here and bring others to Christ. Driving in the snow and ice is pretty fun up here. There are a few cars in ditches and such. We have helped pull some people out and we have shoveled lots of snow.... Sheesh. 
The members up here take such good care of us and make sure we have everything we need. I have eaten so much food the past week. On Thursday night all 4 of us Elders were supposed to go over there, but the others couldn't come so I told the Nunez's I would eat at least one of their shares. Holy cow. 3 plates of rice, chicken, salad, bread and other things. I was so full..... I know it's probably a shock. I am eating salads and some vegetables and fruits as well. That's probably why I'm staying the same weight! 

Saturday night was pretty frikin cold. -40. I was not too excited about that. Had to plug the truck up and all that. The plowing up here isn't that good either. They only do main roads and leave the others to just pack on the ice and snow. It can be pretty sketchy when people don't know how to drive. 

I checked the weather for here and its supposed to warm up!! I am soooooo happy about that. Oh and in our district we have these callings that are pretty funny and make us all come closer together. I am the District Music Producer (DMP) and the District Wingman (not what it sounds like). I am supposed to assist all the others in their callings if they need it. We are making a cd.... we will see how this goes. Anyways I gotta go play some basketball and dunk! jk haha have a great week yall! Be safe and enjoy the warmer temperatures down south! 


-Elder Taylor Bowes

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Shorts (as well as socks and flip flops) in 20 degree weather, snow, black wolf, 13 hour drive there and back... what else???

November 15, 2011

Hey yall!

This week was pretty eventful and exciting. I think I mentioned last week about how we were going to Anchorage. It was a great trip. On the way down Elder Johnson and I were the tallest Elders so we got to ride with the Hirsch's in the nice big F-350 with lots of leg room :). On the way there we saw about 30 elk on both sides of the road all at once, a few moose, caribou and a black wolf. It was really cool to see a wolf! 

When we got to Anchorage we got to see President and Sister Beesley and then other missionaries that I know. President Beesley put me with Elder Hartman and Elder Merrill in my old area so I could go see some people there. It was so nice to be able to visit those families that I served while there. Hopefully President never puts me with those 2 for a whole transfer because not much would get done... We laughed and had a good time the whole time! 

While we were in Anchorage we stayed in the YSA apartment which was vacant because the area is closed in the winter. Elder Duncan stood in the doorway for an hour because we said he wouldn't... It was hilarious. You had to be there for it to be funny. Sunday morningvery very early we left for Whitehorse again. This time though Elder Johnson and I, now being the shortest missionaries had to ride in a VW Jetta with minimal leg room. It was not the best but I laid across the back seat and slept for a few hours. It wasn't all that bad! We got home to about 6 to 8 inches of snow. 

We shoveled snow in shorts today and i had flip flops and socks.... it wasn't that cold... But now we can finally get back to work since we are back in Whitehorse and the days will actually be normal again! Well I love yall and hope you keep doin well! 


-Elder Taylor Bowes

"Without work, nothing grows but weeds."

Shorts in 32 degree weather!!

November 7, 2011

Hey yall.

This week has been pretty cool I reckon. I can tell I am getting climiatized here since I am wearing shorts right now. It's actually not that bad as long as the wind doesn't blow. 

On P-day we went to Bro. McDonalds and had a jam session and tried to record this song we have. Elder Johnson wrote it and he is a great lyricist. We didn't get it done, but I think we are going again today. 

We have continued to teach a lot! This transfer was the best of my mission so far. Elder Hartman leaves on Thursday and he is going to serve in my last area. Pretty cool! He will love it there. This weekend we are going to Anchorage with the Branch for a temple trip. I am pretty stoked about that! I will get my new companion when I arrive in Anchorage. His name is Elder Duncan and I met him his first day in the mission, but I doubt he remembers because a lot goes on in the first 2 days of the mission. He is like 6' 4 or 5". I will be the shortest out of 4 missionaries here in Whitehorse. New for me... 

I am excited to go to Anchorage, but I am not looking forward to the 13 hour drive... 

I think this transfer will be even better though because I was told Elder Duncan likes to work hard. I will be Senior over him. I get to drive the Silverado now. I am happy to be able to drive again. I hate riding. Anyways though. I am sorry my emails have been kinda lame lately. they will get better. I promise. Hope yall have a great week!

-Elder Bowes

Gettin chilly.....

October 31, 2011

Well I guess my body is acclimatizing to the weather here. I am wearing gym shorts and it is about -4 outside which would mean like 24 or 25 for yall. We are supposed to get 5 to 8 inches of snow tonight and then another 5 to 8 inches tomorrow. Yay me! Its gonna be like 11 on Thursday... Whew. Right now we get about 6 1/2 hours of sunlight. It's amazing.... So amazing that it is hard to wake up in the morning. It's pretty weird how much of a difference the light makes in how much energy you have. 

This past week we had Specialized training over the phone from Juneau with President Beesley. It was so awesome! Elder Calk(former companion) and Elder Fishburn gave training as well. Elder Hartman was sick on Friday morning so that slowed our week down just a little but not bad at all. We are still super busy and time is flying by at an ever increasing rate. Transfers are next Tuesday and I already know Elder Hartman is being transferred I just don't know who I am getting! He is sad to leave but he is ok with it. I will miss him too but life goes on! I have already had 8 companions. Nothing new for me. I am his 4th companion and he has been out for 10 months now. I have only been out for 8 months. They like to pass me around apparently. One of the other Elders here will be transferred as well. 

Whitehorse is so much prettier in the winter. When the snow falls it just makes the place so much better. I don't think my visa will be extended so I will probably be leaving Whitehorse December 20th... New area right before Christmas.... yay! I will have to make friends quick!!! hahaha 

Well I gotta get some more stuff done! I appreciate the emails and updates on life! Keep em comin! I hope yall have an awesome week!


-Elder Taylor Bowes 

Pretty Short...

October 17, 2011

Sorry this is gonna be really really short. 

We have been teaching a ton and it is getting busier and busier. We put Matt and Sam Ng on date for Baptism on the 29th of Octoberand we are so excited for them! It snowed here last week 3 days in a row, but most of it has melted away :). I am doing really well and staying in good enough shape I guess. I have lots of pictures I am sending you. Enjoy!


-Elder Taylor Bowes


October 3, 2011

Hey yall! 

This week has been awesome! We taught lots of lessons this week and not to mention it was General Conference weekend!!! Conference was so awesome and I learned a ton! We started teaching David and Xenia this week. They were a referral that I received while I was in Anchorage. We have been trying to get in touch with them and we finally got to teach them and get to know them! They are so awesome! They have understood everything we have taught them and the questions they have been asking are inspired and the spirit has been present in every lesson! I'm so excited to be able to continue to meet with them and teach them! 

This week is gonna be so awesome! I am so pumped to get to it this week! The snow still hasn't made it all the way down the mountains but it will be here very soon. The sun comes up at about 8 now and it goes down at about 7. The long winter nights are on the way!!! It is also staying around freezing here.... lots of fun.... NOT.

Sorry this email is so short but, I promise I will write more next week! Love yall and hope yall continue to do well!!

-Elder Bowes

Limos, small planes, and snow........

September 26, 2011

Well i'd just like to take this opportunity to thank all of yall for the support that you show me! It is greatly appreciated!

Last Monday we drove to Skagway and I ended up driving to Skagway so I wasn't able to take any pictures though it was very beautiful! When we went through the leaves were starting to turn and by the time we came back through to Whitehorse it was the brightest pretty yellow! It was nice to just enjoy it while driving again! Everyone was asleep and it was a nice time to enjoy the peace and quiet! We got to Skagway at about 5 and thought we only had an hour til the plane left and we were told to eat in Skagway because we wouldn't have time to eat in Juneau because we were gonna have district meeting that night. So we went and tried to find somewhere to eat and we ate Ice cream for supper..... So we ran back to the airport thinking the plane was about to leave. Little did we know we forgot about the time difference between Canada and Alaska. We ended up having an entire 'nother hour. So we decided we would follow our dessert with the main course. When we were leaving the airport to go back and eat there was a man that was there to get a fax or something like that and he heard what was going on with us. He decided he would give us a ride and so we walked out and to our great surprise and satisfaction there was a nice stretch limo waiting for us! We got to take a ride in the limo! :D Skagway is almost like a ghost town now. The last cruise ship came in the other day and now nobody is there and only 1 restaurant is really open now. We finally got the right time and then we left on the plane (which was small!). When we got to Juneau it was rainy. We got picked up and went and had an awesome district meeting. We had to stay in the Sisters' apartment, don't worry they weren't there. They were in Anchorage for a week for some reason or another. I don't remember why. But to President Beesley's knowledge and the Assistants knowledge, we are the first missionaries and I might add THE LAST missionaries to ever stay in a Sisters' apartment. We felt pretty cool hahaha! 

For zone conference we had Elder William Walker of the 70 at ours! He was awesome and the training we received was second to none. I learned so much from him, President Beesley and everyone else. Elder Walker served his mission in Japan 10 years before dad when Japan was all one mission. He served as Mission President in Tokyo, Japan as well! He is a very nice man and whenever there is a new temple announced or a dedication or anything to do with temples he is involved in the process! He helped each and every one of us know how to be better missionaries. After zone conference we all (22 missionaries) went to a place called Booyah Grill. There they have these 2 food challenges. One is a ginormous burger called 'The Oinker'. It has 4 1/2 pound patties with 4 buns, the works and a ton of fries. Elder Dean tried that and almost finished it in an hour. The other challenge is a Burrito. I can't remember the name of it but when I saw it, it looked like a baby wrapped in a burrito. It was massive! Elders' Williams, Haueter, and Worwood decided to try it and only Elder Williams finished, which was very impressive, considering only 5 people have ever finished it. We went back had interviews and then went and did nothing for the rest of the night really. We were able to be around lots of missionaries which I love because it is sooooo much fun! We didn't get to sleep til way late because somebody had taken our keys to get in the apartment so we had to wait for an hour or more. It sucked because we were all dead tired because we were used to a different time zone. Finally we got to sleep. We had to wake up early the next morning to leave for the airport and head back to Whitehorse.

President Beesley took us to the airport and we had a good talk with him. He is pretty funny and laid back to a certain point. It's so nice! We flew back to Skagway and I got to sit co-pilot!! It was really cool to just look out the front of the plane and enjoy the nice views. It was about a 30 to 45 minute flight. I was hoping to see some whales down in the water but none were there. I drove back to Whitehorse and the leaves were just beautiful! We had a great rest of the week and got to help build a shed. We were on exchanges Saturday and it was nice to be with another missionary for a little bit and get a better perspective on ways to do missionary work. We worked hard and got some stuff out and gained some potentials. I had to speak on forgiveness yesterday in church. It was a short talk so I was happy with that! Everyone said it was good but, I think I could've done better. But anyways, We got transfer calls this week and Elder Hartman and I are staying together for 1 more transfer in Whitehorse. I was very surprised when he said we were staying because President Beesley told me before I left that I would only have 1 transfer with Elder Hartman so I was expecting a new companion the whole transfer but, I guess things can change! 

I pray for yall all the time and I hope yall are doing well! Keep in touch!

Elder Taylor Bowes

1/4 of my mission is done. Where'd it go??!

September 19, 2011

I miss the Good ole' USA and I get a taste of it today! We are flying to Juneau today for Zone Conference! We have to drive down toSkagway first but you can bet there will be lots of awesome pictures and stuff! Some other things I miss about the states is, faster speed limits, cheaper stuff, better stores... The store we get groceries at is called the Canadian Super Store.... The canadians even call it "The Stupid Store". Shows you how much they think of some of their stores...
We went hiking last monday and it was a blast! It took us about 2 hours but was well worth the views and everything up to the top! I have some pictures attached as well! The road to get to the trail was right along the side of the mountain. Some nice drop offs..... NOT! I was so nervous and Elder Hartman was like whooooo! this is fun and goin fast. I was like dude slow down! i don't like cliffs, once you go off you don't come back! He likes to get his heart racing apparently. It is so beautiful here though. One of the pictures is of Whitehorsedown below. Gives you an idea of what my environment is like!

We started week 2 of P90x. It's so hard! But I'm getting in way better shape. Getting stronger too! We went on exchanges twice this week and both times we didn't get much done because we had service come up or something that interferred with us getting out and doing work. We have been teaching more and more as the weeks have past and this week was definately our best week yet. Things are picking up and it makes me happy because we stay busier that way.
I was thinking back on the past 6 months and how much fun it's been. I don't honestly know if I will want to leave when the time comes. I almost feel kinda selfish for serving a mission because i get soooo much more out of it than others do! The things I am learning and have already learned will help me in the future and I will be far better off than had I not come out here to serve the Lord. He blesses us when we do what he wants us to. I'm seeing the blessings a lot out here. It's a good thing they make you leave when the mission is done. I think some wouldn't leave! The only reason they won't stay is because of family. I miss mine so much but, I'm right where i'm supposed to be and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Hope yall have a good week and update me on life!!

Love yall,
-Elder Taylor Bowes

Short One

September 12, 2011

Hey yall! 

This one will be a short one. This week has been pretty good. We didn't tract as much and we had more lessons! Yay us! haha We have done lots of service again and the people are really appreciative of it. I started P90x this morning. It kicked my butt! I'm so tired now. We're gonna hike Gray Mountain today in about an hour. It's gonna be way tight! I'll get yall some pics of it next week! 

Not too much has changed here though, it's just getting colder and colder as the days go by. They had stake conference up here and we got to watch a broadcast from Salt Lake City. We heard Steven E. Snow, Elaine S. Dalton and Elder Holland and Elder Packer! I was so stoked to hear from them! They gave such good talks about using the spirit and not leaving it wrapped up on the shelf and standing in holy places and leading by example. There was a lot of good stuff in there! Last night we also got to listen to a fireside by Elder Christensen. Yesterday was a really good day! 

Oh and yesterday we were tracting and saw the funniest thing. there was a guard dog dressed up in a onesie with butt flaps. We laughed soooooo hard at that. Ill have to send you a picture of that next time. Our district is getting shirts made and I am making the design. It's looking really good and they think its cool so I guess I did a good job! That makes me happy!

The Thompson's took us to this place called Klondike Rib and Salmon. I had a full rack of ribs and they were sooooooooooooooooooooooo good! Best ribs i've ever had. The place closes down in 4 days for winter though. Kinda sad but, oh well!

It was a good week though. I hope yall have a good one this week!!! 

-Elder Bowes

Elder Bowes is AWESOME!!!

September 5, 2011

Canada.... is, lets say, not as good as the USA hahahaha 

I love it here though. We've done tons of tracting this past week. About 10 hours worth maybe a lil more. We have met lots of nice people that are interested in learning and we plan on seeing them this week and tryin to teach them. I don't have a lot of time for this email so sorry if it's really short. I'm havin a blast with Elder Hartman and we have tons of fun doin' the Lord's work. 

I've heard that yall have been havin an interesting week. First an Earthquake then a Hurricane and lots of rain. Hope all yall are ok! I got some pictures attached. hope you enjoy them! Next week I promise to make the email a lot longer. Oh. There is this place here called Tim Horton's, it's soooooo good haha its a fast food place but idk what it is. It's just really good. But yea ill make it longer next time. Btw. It's gettin down to 6 celcius at night which is in the 30's. It's gonna be a long winter... 

Love yall and hope to hear from yall soon.

-Elder Taylor Bowes

Canada eh?

August 29, 2011

Canada.... is, lets say, not as good as the USA hahahaha 

I love it here though. We've done tons of tracting this past week. About 10 hours worth maybe a lil more. We have met lots of nice people that are interested in learning and we plan on seeing them this week and tryin to teach them. I don't have a lot of time for this email so sorry if it's really short. I'm havin a blast with Elder Hartman and we have tons of fun doin' the Lord's work. 

I've heard that yall have been havin an interesting week. First an Earthquake then a Hurricane and lots of rain. Hope all yall are ok! I got some pictures attached. hope you enjoy them! Next week I promise to make the email a lot longer. Oh. There is this place here called Tim Horton's, it's soooooo good haha its a fast food place but idk what it is. It's just really good. But yea ill make it longer next time. Btw. It's gettin down to 6 celcius at night which is in the 30's. It's gonna be a long winter... 

Love yall and hope to hear from yall soon.

-Elder Taylor Bowes


August 22, 2011


Whitehorse is pretty cool! It reminds me alot of Roxboro, NC just with
mountains surrounding it. Theres a small branch here with about 40 or
50 active members. Theres about 25,000 people here. This branch is
unique because we have 2 sets of Elders out here. I don't think it
happens too often. I think alot is about to happen here and I hope

We have tracted alot since I got here. We have alot of potential
Investigators and nice people that we have met over the past few days.
We talked to this German lady for about 20 minutes and she is
traveling the world one country at a time. She has been all over
Europe and has relatives in Alexandria, Virginia. She plans on goin'
to Austrailia next which is pretty cool! She was very nice! There are
alot of people from the Phillipines too! We were able to teach a
Filipino guy yesterday and he loved it. Our branch mission leader has
the DEEPEST voice i think i've ever heard. I heard him before I saw
him and i immediately though Andre the Giant is here hahahaha. He's a
really cool guy though!

My new companion is Elder Hartman and he is pretty awesome. He is from
Sandy, Utah and knows Elder Egans youngest brother. We get along great
and he is hilarious. Hopefully we will serve together longer than just
1 transfer. Its getting old havin' a new one every transfer... I'm
pretty excited to serve here and Im sure ill have lots of experiences
to share! Hope all yall are doin well!

Love yall,

Elder Taylor Bowes


August 15, 2011

Hey yall!!
This week has been full of ups and downs and everything!! First off, last Monday my companion was put in the Tongan Ward to help another Tongan missionary out and I received a new companion for the rest of the week. We got our transfer calls on Saturday night and I am getting transferred to Whitehorse, Yukon Territory in Canada!!!! It's gonna be so much fun up there!! I'll be serving up there with Elder Hartman. I don't think i've ever met him but I heard he is pretty cool. I'm looking forward to serving with him and even though it's in Canada i'll still enjoy it. I am gonna miss serving in the Klatt Ward here in Anchorage. The people here are awesome. These pictures are with families in the ward that I am really close to. I wish I could've stayed one more transfer in Anchorage but they gave me the boot!! haha
It's alot harder to leave the people you get to know so well and the people you teach. These people have left a lasting impact on my life and I will remember them for as long as I have my good memory lol. Things are going well now and though im kinda sad, Im super excited at the same time! I love hearing whats goin on in yalls lifes so keep the emails comin!! I hope all yall are doin well!! My new address is:

68 B Teslin Rd
Whitehorse, YT Y1A3M6

Don't send things to the mission address. They won't forward mail to me because of the cost! Good thing Canada isn't on a mail strike anymore.... Whew! haha love yall and hope to hear from yall soon!!
-Elder Taylor Bowes

What up!!

August 8, 2011

Sup yall!?
This week was kinda frustrating but things are way better now. School is almost here for everyone and we are starting to teach more and more people. I love the area i'm in and the people too! The members here treat us well and take care of us. I have to try not to eat so much that I get fat haha! I'm still workin out and playin basketball today. I'm learning alot right now and it's great! We've been teaching these 3 black guys, 2 brothers and a cousin. They are hilarious to try to teach. It's really cool to see how people view certain things and helping others understand the meaning to scriptures or whatever it may be. And Aunt Monique you're probably gonna jump for joy as well as Uncle Jimmie but unfortunately they are Carolina fans....Good thing is they can repent lol! But the upside is they are Auburn fans!! It's humbling to see the different circumstances and backgrounds that people are faced with. We took a kid named David Wilcox with us to teach them and he had never really seen or tried to teach someone who comes from a poverty stricken family and no real support from parents. Most of our area is wealthy people but we do have lots of apartment complexes too. But to help them understand and see them want to change and to know how hard it is for them to change is awesome. You see small miracles everyday. Its the small things that make the difference in life. I saw a quote the other day "It's not what you make but what you do with what you make that matters." It's so true. I love my mission and don't want to be any place else. This is the place the Lord wants me and i'm stoked to be here. I've changed a little but not alot haha. Im sure another lil while will do the trick. I gotta go but I love yall and hope yall are doin well!!
-Elder Bowes


July 12, 2011

Hey yall,

We got our transfer calls yesterday and I'm stayin in S. Anchorage. My companion is goin to serve in Eagle River. My new companion is Elder Ulu'ave, hes from Hawaii. I'm in Eagle River right now gettin ready to go to transfer meeting. I got to go to my old apartment and see Elder Calk and Elder Stephens. Elder Stephens goes home tonight. It's been rainy and cloudy lately here. Kinda sucks but oh well! We haven't really taught anyone new lately. Everyone is so busy right now. Summertime is so crazy up here! Hopefully school will hurry up and start so we can be busier! Sorry mom I know you don't want school to start but I do haha, never thought I'd ever say that. We still have 2 other Elders livin' in our apartment. I can't wait til they are gone so it wont be so crowded... I'm still workin out everyday and my vertical has already improved a little. I'm pretty excited! 

My new comp. brought his weight set and bench and everything so I can start liftin weights again. My MTC companion is back out in Alaska now! He came in from NC yesterday. He's excited to be back and is really tan. I realized how much different it is up here from there. He looked like a mexican compared to the rest of us. We took the greenies out yesterday for their first tract. I got Elder Kafoa who is from The Kingdom of Tonga. He's gonna be great. Sorry my emails have been pretty boring lately. Not much is goin on. Transfers were pretty crazy though. Lots and lots of changes made. But im excited for it. President Beesley is really awesome. That's really all that's goin on right now. 

Love yall and hope yall are doin well!

-Elder Bowes

Happy 4th!!

July 5, 2011

Hey yall!

I know I said I wouldn't be emailin this week but our new Mission President decided that we should email today. Surprise? haha The new mission president is awesome! He threw a cookout/barbeque for 4 zones, about 80 missionaries. He is all over the internet because of his profession. Search Jon Beesley. He was the top test pilot for Lockheed Martin. He was the first person to fly the F-22 and F-35 Lightning 1&2. He has done tons more top secret stuff and that is the reason he could not go to Russia. Because the Church said they would think he was a front for the CIA and it would cause lots of problems. 

I've had a pretty good week. Time is flyin by! Feels like I just got back to Alaska last week. I'm stayin in shape. I do the Ab RipperX from P90x 3 times a week and I started Air Alert 3, a program to improve your vertical. I'll be dunkin' soon!!! We still have 2 other missionaries bummin it at our apartment. I'll be so glad when one of them is gone.... some peoples living habits absolutely suck. I'm doin good here in Alaska. Sorry for the short email. I hope all yall are doin well! Email me back!

-Elder Bowes

A Whole Lot

May 16, 2011

Hey yall!

I got a ton to update yall on...

To start out, Elder Calk, Stephens and I had a lesson with a guy named JP who is in the Air Force up here and we have been teaching him for a while. We didnt really know what we were gonna teach him because we have taught him everything. So we went in and the lesson was the most spiritual lesson i've ever had on my mission. The things we said and even some of the things he said were very profound and guided by the sprirt. We told him that the rest is on him and that we wouldn't be stopping by as much but that he could call us anytime. It's like Elder Calk said after the lesson, "We just packed his bag and hes off to finish his adventure." He is getting deployed in July to Kuwait and I feel strongly that he will accept the gospel and be baptized. I Loved that lesson.

Our Mission President went on exchanges with my companions so I went with the Bear Mountain Elders and had some great experiences there.

My week was pretty good, although I had to sit through 4 straight days of training/meetings. The first day was in South Anchorage and started at 830 and went til 430 in the afternoon. I learned a whole bunch but it was so long. The second day was in North Anchorage and was an hour shorter and I learned even more. The third day was in Eagle River and I again learned more and the last day was in Wasilla. While we were in Eagle River where I was actually serving, my Mission President came up to me and was like Elder Bowes, I have a new assignment for you... You're gonna be serving in the Klatt Ward which is in South Anchorage with Elder Piiparinen. His companion went home with some health problems. The night they went on exchanges with Presdient Dance they went to my favorite family's home to eat. They brought me some food back and it was Fetticini Alfredo. I was so ready to eat that and then found out I was leaving and was like no!!!!!! So I didnt even get a chance to eat it.... Anyways me and Elder P get along great and I like the area im in right now its alot of nice houses. The people seem nice. Im having to learn and cram as much in my brain as possible because Elder P finishes his mission and goes home next Tuesday so I will have a new companion next week. I hope its someone I already know... That was a bit of a surprise but I like it overall.

We haven't taught alot together at all yet but this week looks very promising. We have alot of investigators and opportunities to have baptisms. Understand that these people aren't just a statistic to me I actually genuinely care and love these people. It's amazing the love you feel for them from our Heavenly Father. I'm sad to hear about Graham and for those of you involved, you know who you are, I love yall very much and I hope yall are doin well. 

Anyways I love all yall so much and I hope yall are doin well. Hope to hear from yall soon! Have a great week!

-Elder Taylor Bowes