Tuesday, November 15, 2011


July 12, 2011

Hey yall,

We got our transfer calls yesterday and I'm stayin in S. Anchorage. My companion is goin to serve in Eagle River. My new companion is Elder Ulu'ave, hes from Hawaii. I'm in Eagle River right now gettin ready to go to transfer meeting. I got to go to my old apartment and see Elder Calk and Elder Stephens. Elder Stephens goes home tonight. It's been rainy and cloudy lately here. Kinda sucks but oh well! We haven't really taught anyone new lately. Everyone is so busy right now. Summertime is so crazy up here! Hopefully school will hurry up and start so we can be busier! Sorry mom I know you don't want school to start but I do haha, never thought I'd ever say that. We still have 2 other Elders livin' in our apartment. I can't wait til they are gone so it wont be so crowded... I'm still workin out everyday and my vertical has already improved a little. I'm pretty excited! 

My new comp. brought his weight set and bench and everything so I can start liftin weights again. My MTC companion is back out in Alaska now! He came in from NC yesterday. He's excited to be back and is really tan. I realized how much different it is up here from there. He looked like a mexican compared to the rest of us. We took the greenies out yesterday for their first tract. I got Elder Kafoa who is from The Kingdom of Tonga. He's gonna be great. Sorry my emails have been pretty boring lately. Not much is goin on. Transfers were pretty crazy though. Lots and lots of changes made. But im excited for it. President Beesley is really awesome. That's really all that's goin on right now. 

Love yall and hope yall are doin well!

-Elder Bowes

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