Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Shorts (as well as socks and flip flops) in 20 degree weather, snow, black wolf, 13 hour drive there and back... what else???

November 15, 2011

Hey yall!

This week was pretty eventful and exciting. I think I mentioned last week about how we were going to Anchorage. It was a great trip. On the way down Elder Johnson and I were the tallest Elders so we got to ride with the Hirsch's in the nice big F-350 with lots of leg room :). On the way there we saw about 30 elk on both sides of the road all at once, a few moose, caribou and a black wolf. It was really cool to see a wolf! 

When we got to Anchorage we got to see President and Sister Beesley and then other missionaries that I know. President Beesley put me with Elder Hartman and Elder Merrill in my old area so I could go see some people there. It was so nice to be able to visit those families that I served while there. Hopefully President never puts me with those 2 for a whole transfer because not much would get done... We laughed and had a good time the whole time! 

While we were in Anchorage we stayed in the YSA apartment which was vacant because the area is closed in the winter. Elder Duncan stood in the doorway for an hour because we said he wouldn't... It was hilarious. You had to be there for it to be funny. Sunday morningvery very early we left for Whitehorse again. This time though Elder Johnson and I, now being the shortest missionaries had to ride in a VW Jetta with minimal leg room. It was not the best but I laid across the back seat and slept for a few hours. It wasn't all that bad! We got home to about 6 to 8 inches of snow. 

We shoveled snow in shorts today and i had flip flops and socks.... it wasn't that cold... But now we can finally get back to work since we are back in Whitehorse and the days will actually be normal again! Well I love yall and hope you keep doin well! 


-Elder Taylor Bowes

"Without work, nothing grows but weeds."

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