Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Limos, small planes, and snow........

September 26, 2011

Well i'd just like to take this opportunity to thank all of yall for the support that you show me! It is greatly appreciated!

Last Monday we drove to Skagway and I ended up driving to Skagway so I wasn't able to take any pictures though it was very beautiful! When we went through the leaves were starting to turn and by the time we came back through to Whitehorse it was the brightest pretty yellow! It was nice to just enjoy it while driving again! Everyone was asleep and it was a nice time to enjoy the peace and quiet! We got to Skagway at about 5 and thought we only had an hour til the plane left and we were told to eat in Skagway because we wouldn't have time to eat in Juneau because we were gonna have district meeting that night. So we went and tried to find somewhere to eat and we ate Ice cream for supper..... So we ran back to the airport thinking the plane was about to leave. Little did we know we forgot about the time difference between Canada and Alaska. We ended up having an entire 'nother hour. So we decided we would follow our dessert with the main course. When we were leaving the airport to go back and eat there was a man that was there to get a fax or something like that and he heard what was going on with us. He decided he would give us a ride and so we walked out and to our great surprise and satisfaction there was a nice stretch limo waiting for us! We got to take a ride in the limo! :D Skagway is almost like a ghost town now. The last cruise ship came in the other day and now nobody is there and only 1 restaurant is really open now. We finally got the right time and then we left on the plane (which was small!). When we got to Juneau it was rainy. We got picked up and went and had an awesome district meeting. We had to stay in the Sisters' apartment, don't worry they weren't there. They were in Anchorage for a week for some reason or another. I don't remember why. But to President Beesley's knowledge and the Assistants knowledge, we are the first missionaries and I might add THE LAST missionaries to ever stay in a Sisters' apartment. We felt pretty cool hahaha! 

For zone conference we had Elder William Walker of the 70 at ours! He was awesome and the training we received was second to none. I learned so much from him, President Beesley and everyone else. Elder Walker served his mission in Japan 10 years before dad when Japan was all one mission. He served as Mission President in Tokyo, Japan as well! He is a very nice man and whenever there is a new temple announced or a dedication or anything to do with temples he is involved in the process! He helped each and every one of us know how to be better missionaries. After zone conference we all (22 missionaries) went to a place called Booyah Grill. There they have these 2 food challenges. One is a ginormous burger called 'The Oinker'. It has 4 1/2 pound patties with 4 buns, the works and a ton of fries. Elder Dean tried that and almost finished it in an hour. The other challenge is a Burrito. I can't remember the name of it but when I saw it, it looked like a baby wrapped in a burrito. It was massive! Elders' Williams, Haueter, and Worwood decided to try it and only Elder Williams finished, which was very impressive, considering only 5 people have ever finished it. We went back had interviews and then went and did nothing for the rest of the night really. We were able to be around lots of missionaries which I love because it is sooooo much fun! We didn't get to sleep til way late because somebody had taken our keys to get in the apartment so we had to wait for an hour or more. It sucked because we were all dead tired because we were used to a different time zone. Finally we got to sleep. We had to wake up early the next morning to leave for the airport and head back to Whitehorse.

President Beesley took us to the airport and we had a good talk with him. He is pretty funny and laid back to a certain point. It's so nice! We flew back to Skagway and I got to sit co-pilot!! It was really cool to just look out the front of the plane and enjoy the nice views. It was about a 30 to 45 minute flight. I was hoping to see some whales down in the water but none were there. I drove back to Whitehorse and the leaves were just beautiful! We had a great rest of the week and got to help build a shed. We were on exchanges Saturday and it was nice to be with another missionary for a little bit and get a better perspective on ways to do missionary work. We worked hard and got some stuff out and gained some potentials. I had to speak on forgiveness yesterday in church. It was a short talk so I was happy with that! Everyone said it was good but, I think I could've done better. But anyways, We got transfer calls this week and Elder Hartman and I are staying together for 1 more transfer in Whitehorse. I was very surprised when he said we were staying because President Beesley told me before I left that I would only have 1 transfer with Elder Hartman so I was expecting a new companion the whole transfer but, I guess things can change! 

I pray for yall all the time and I hope yall are doing well! Keep in touch!

Elder Taylor Bowes

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