Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Whole Lot

May 16, 2011

Hey yall!

I got a ton to update yall on...

To start out, Elder Calk, Stephens and I had a lesson with a guy named JP who is in the Air Force up here and we have been teaching him for a while. We didnt really know what we were gonna teach him because we have taught him everything. So we went in and the lesson was the most spiritual lesson i've ever had on my mission. The things we said and even some of the things he said were very profound and guided by the sprirt. We told him that the rest is on him and that we wouldn't be stopping by as much but that he could call us anytime. It's like Elder Calk said after the lesson, "We just packed his bag and hes off to finish his adventure." He is getting deployed in July to Kuwait and I feel strongly that he will accept the gospel and be baptized. I Loved that lesson.

Our Mission President went on exchanges with my companions so I went with the Bear Mountain Elders and had some great experiences there.

My week was pretty good, although I had to sit through 4 straight days of training/meetings. The first day was in South Anchorage and started at 830 and went til 430 in the afternoon. I learned a whole bunch but it was so long. The second day was in North Anchorage and was an hour shorter and I learned even more. The third day was in Eagle River and I again learned more and the last day was in Wasilla. While we were in Eagle River where I was actually serving, my Mission President came up to me and was like Elder Bowes, I have a new assignment for you... You're gonna be serving in the Klatt Ward which is in South Anchorage with Elder Piiparinen. His companion went home with some health problems. The night they went on exchanges with Presdient Dance they went to my favorite family's home to eat. They brought me some food back and it was Fetticini Alfredo. I was so ready to eat that and then found out I was leaving and was like no!!!!!! So I didnt even get a chance to eat it.... Anyways me and Elder P get along great and I like the area im in right now its alot of nice houses. The people seem nice. Im having to learn and cram as much in my brain as possible because Elder P finishes his mission and goes home next Tuesday so I will have a new companion next week. I hope its someone I already know... That was a bit of a surprise but I like it overall.

We haven't taught alot together at all yet but this week looks very promising. We have alot of investigators and opportunities to have baptisms. Understand that these people aren't just a statistic to me I actually genuinely care and love these people. It's amazing the love you feel for them from our Heavenly Father. I'm sad to hear about Graham and for those of you involved, you know who you are, I love yall very much and I hope yall are doin well. 

Anyways I love all yall so much and I hope yall are doin well. Hope to hear from yall soon! Have a great week!

-Elder Taylor Bowes

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