Tuesday, November 15, 2011


August 22, 2011


Whitehorse is pretty cool! It reminds me alot of Roxboro, NC just with
mountains surrounding it. Theres a small branch here with about 40 or
50 active members. Theres about 25,000 people here. This branch is
unique because we have 2 sets of Elders out here. I don't think it
happens too often. I think alot is about to happen here and I hope

We have tracted alot since I got here. We have alot of potential
Investigators and nice people that we have met over the past few days.
We talked to this German lady for about 20 minutes and she is
traveling the world one country at a time. She has been all over
Europe and has relatives in Alexandria, Virginia. She plans on goin'
to Austrailia next which is pretty cool! She was very nice! There are
alot of people from the Phillipines too! We were able to teach a
Filipino guy yesterday and he loved it. Our branch mission leader has
the DEEPEST voice i think i've ever heard. I heard him before I saw
him and i immediately though Andre the Giant is here hahahaha. He's a
really cool guy though!

My new companion is Elder Hartman and he is pretty awesome. He is from
Sandy, Utah and knows Elder Egans youngest brother. We get along great
and he is hilarious. Hopefully we will serve together longer than just
1 transfer. Its getting old havin' a new one every transfer... I'm
pretty excited to serve here and Im sure ill have lots of experiences
to share! Hope all yall are doin well!

Love yall,

Elder Taylor Bowes

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