Monday, November 21, 2011

40 below....

November 21, 2011

Hey yall. 

This week has been a very good week. It has definitely been very cold this week as well. It stayed around the -20's in fareheit. -40 celcius is the same as -40 farenheit. That's when it is the same. We have been getting the truck serviced all week. Oil change and new tires and all that jazz. The beginning of this week was pretty slow, but it definitely picked up on Thursday. There is still so much potential here and we have people that are right there at the waters edge, but they are just content with where they are right now I reckon. Seems like all of them aren't reading the Book of Mormon consistently. I love the Book of Mormon. I don't think there has ever been a question that I have had that hasn't been answered in the Book of Mormon. Life is an open book test with the Bible and Book of Mormon, we just have to take advantage of that. I am in Helaman right now in the Book of Mormon and I am in Genesis and Matthew in the Old and New Testament. I find lots of answers to other peoples questions as well. If any of yall haven't read the Book of Mormon I encourage you to do so. It will change your life! I know it has changed mine! 

We have an awesome District here in Whitehorse and we are all working very hard to help others and to help each other. I have already found out that I will be transferred from Whitehorse just before Christmas, which makes me sad, but I am definitely excited to find out what's gonna happen. Til then I will continue to work hard here and bring others to Christ. Driving in the snow and ice is pretty fun up here. There are a few cars in ditches and such. We have helped pull some people out and we have shoveled lots of snow.... Sheesh. 
The members up here take such good care of us and make sure we have everything we need. I have eaten so much food the past week. On Thursday night all 4 of us Elders were supposed to go over there, but the others couldn't come so I told the Nunez's I would eat at least one of their shares. Holy cow. 3 plates of rice, chicken, salad, bread and other things. I was so full..... I know it's probably a shock. I am eating salads and some vegetables and fruits as well. That's probably why I'm staying the same weight! 

Saturday night was pretty frikin cold. -40. I was not too excited about that. Had to plug the truck up and all that. The plowing up here isn't that good either. They only do main roads and leave the others to just pack on the ice and snow. It can be pretty sketchy when people don't know how to drive. 

I checked the weather for here and its supposed to warm up!! I am soooooo happy about that. Oh and in our district we have these callings that are pretty funny and make us all come closer together. I am the District Music Producer (DMP) and the District Wingman (not what it sounds like). I am supposed to assist all the others in their callings if they need it. We are making a cd.... we will see how this goes. Anyways I gotta go play some basketball and dunk! jk haha have a great week yall! Be safe and enjoy the warmer temperatures down south! 


-Elder Taylor Bowes

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  1. I feel his pain! It gets that cold here & it is NOT fun!