Tuesday, November 15, 2011

1/4 of my mission is done. Where'd it go??!

September 19, 2011

I miss the Good ole' USA and I get a taste of it today! We are flying to Juneau today for Zone Conference! We have to drive down toSkagway first but you can bet there will be lots of awesome pictures and stuff! Some other things I miss about the states is, faster speed limits, cheaper stuff, better stores... The store we get groceries at is called the Canadian Super Store.... The canadians even call it "The Stupid Store". Shows you how much they think of some of their stores...
We went hiking last monday and it was a blast! It took us about 2 hours but was well worth the views and everything up to the top! I have some pictures attached as well! The road to get to the trail was right along the side of the mountain. Some nice drop offs..... NOT! I was so nervous and Elder Hartman was like whooooo! this is fun and goin fast. I was like dude slow down! i don't like cliffs, once you go off you don't come back! He likes to get his heart racing apparently. It is so beautiful here though. One of the pictures is of Whitehorsedown below. Gives you an idea of what my environment is like!

We started week 2 of P90x. It's so hard! But I'm getting in way better shape. Getting stronger too! We went on exchanges twice this week and both times we didn't get much done because we had service come up or something that interferred with us getting out and doing work. We have been teaching more and more as the weeks have past and this week was definately our best week yet. Things are picking up and it makes me happy because we stay busier that way.
I was thinking back on the past 6 months and how much fun it's been. I don't honestly know if I will want to leave when the time comes. I almost feel kinda selfish for serving a mission because i get soooo much more out of it than others do! The things I am learning and have already learned will help me in the future and I will be far better off than had I not come out here to serve the Lord. He blesses us when we do what he wants us to. I'm seeing the blessings a lot out here. It's a good thing they make you leave when the mission is done. I think some wouldn't leave! The only reason they won't stay is because of family. I miss mine so much but, I'm right where i'm supposed to be and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Hope yall have a good week and update me on life!!

Love yall,
-Elder Taylor Bowes

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