Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What up!!

August 8, 2011

Sup yall!?
This week was kinda frustrating but things are way better now. School is almost here for everyone and we are starting to teach more and more people. I love the area i'm in and the people too! The members here treat us well and take care of us. I have to try not to eat so much that I get fat haha! I'm still workin out and playin basketball today. I'm learning alot right now and it's great! We've been teaching these 3 black guys, 2 brothers and a cousin. They are hilarious to try to teach. It's really cool to see how people view certain things and helping others understand the meaning to scriptures or whatever it may be. And Aunt Monique you're probably gonna jump for joy as well as Uncle Jimmie but unfortunately they are Carolina fans....Good thing is they can repent lol! But the upside is they are Auburn fans!! It's humbling to see the different circumstances and backgrounds that people are faced with. We took a kid named David Wilcox with us to teach them and he had never really seen or tried to teach someone who comes from a poverty stricken family and no real support from parents. Most of our area is wealthy people but we do have lots of apartment complexes too. But to help them understand and see them want to change and to know how hard it is for them to change is awesome. You see small miracles everyday. Its the small things that make the difference in life. I saw a quote the other day "It's not what you make but what you do with what you make that matters." It's so true. I love my mission and don't want to be any place else. This is the place the Lord wants me and i'm stoked to be here. I've changed a little but not alot haha. Im sure another lil while will do the trick. I gotta go but I love yall and hope yall are doin well!!
-Elder Bowes

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