Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Hey yall. This one is probably gonna be short this week. I'm exhausted and don't have much drive to write a long email. lol

This week was pretty good, full of service. 

On Monday we played basketball with the neighborhood kids because they didn't have school this week. We played 3 1/2 hours straight. It was great exercise. Afterwards we went and helped the Tavita's clean out a house for them to live in. The place was disgusting. A hoarder lived there and then moved out and the place sat for 6 months. If you were to see a before and after photo of the house, you would not believe it was the same place. Then we went and ate and then had to go pull someone out of a ditch and in the process got stuck ourselves. Someone else was there so they pulled us out and then we pulled the other person out and left. Then we went and taught Jesslyn and Millie at the church and had a really good lesson with them. 

Tuesday we went to the Helgesen's and helped out a little there and then we read with Edward and some of the Helgesen's kids. Later that night we went and helped clean out the house some more. 

Wednesday we went to the Library cleaned some shelves and put things back on the shelves. We read with Edward and then once again helped clean out that house. By then it was actually starting to look like a house. Then we went to the Chavez's and ate supper and then went and taught Paul and Stacy again. It was a great lesson that Elder Shumway prepared. He is gonna be a great missionary.

Thursday was a really good day. We went and played Bingo and Moses won this time! We read with Edward again and then we went and saw the Martins. Brother Martins just had surgery on his knee and is on bed rest basically. He is gettin tired of it though, understandably. They are a fun family. Always a fun time at their place. We went and ate at Brother Irvine's again and he made fried chicken. We played cards with him for just a little bit and then we went and stacked some wood for Sister McMillin. We played basketball for an hour and then everybody had to leave because someone had a meeting that we didn't know about and it was too loud for them to have a meeting and us play at the same time. So I just went to bed early. 

Friday we let the neighborhood kids come back and play basketball since they only got a short bit in. It was fun and they had a good time. Afterwards we went and helped Ben do the final cleanup on the house before they moved in. 

Saturday we went and helped Ben and his family move all their stuff into the house we cleaned all week. They were very appreciative of all the help we gave them. We went and read with the Atkinson's that night and had a good time with them. 

Sunday was a really good day. The Atkinson's came to church and so did the Tavita's! Ben got up during the meeting and thanked everyone for all the help they have received since being here. They are getting settled in now. They all loved church and it was really good. Edward got up and bore his testimony. Probably the best testimony I have ever heard. He compared the Lion King to the gospel. It was the bomb! I wish I could have recorded it! I'll have to let you know what it was exactly next week. 

I hope yall have a great week and that you stay safe! 


-Elder Bowes

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