Tuesday, July 3, 2012


It is such a blessing to come back to the Klatt ward and see the growth of these kids physically and spiritually! Probably my favorite kid in the ward is Jacob. He has downs and he is such an awesome kid. I love that kid! We taught his family the first lesson last night and he knew some of the answers and you could just see the spirit pouring through him! To me, he is an angel in the flesh. I'm sure he has taught all of his siblings (7 of em) so much. They are awesome!
We haven't had any crazy storms and rarely do here. If it rains it's just a regular rain, nothin really hard. We probably get 20 hours of daylight maybe more! It sucks that we have to be in by 9 or 930. Summers up here are the best!
Sorry I have been really slackin on my weekly email to yall! Hope yall have an awesome week and I will try to have a weekly for yall next week!
-Elder Taylor Bowes

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