Monday, July 30, 2012


This week was pretty dang good yall! We taught a lot and were able to help people get movin in the right direction!

Monday was pretty good, we had supper with the Ellis family. They are pretty awesome, they used to work in the mission office. Elder Calk played us a last song or 2 on his final night in the mission field. It was really good. He's gonna be famous someday! Probably already has a CD out hahaha!

Tuesday was a good day, but somewhat emotional and sad. A lot of missionaries i know very well left and went home and some that I know even better are going home next week. It's crazy because the guys I came out with are now leaving and i'm still here. It's pretty weird to sit back and watch them leave and not be able to leave with them. I'll miss them all very much. Made me realize how short of a time I have left on my mission. Only 6 1/2 months. Crazy to think about. It's passin by too quick! 
Wednesday was pretty fun! We had a lesson with Isaac and Aislyn and then played Badminton and volleyball because we promised them we would last time. They had lots of fun and so did we! 
We did a lot through the rest of the week too, but I have like 5 minutes so I will just wrap this up. I hope yall have a great week and that you can do somethin nice for someone this week. WWJD? think about it. He would help everyone. Love yall! Later!

-Elder Taylor Bowes

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