Thursday, August 2, 2012

Rainy Monday :(

Hey yall this week was dang good! 

Monday was good, got lots of exercise. 

Tuesday we went and did service at the Book store for about 4 or 5 hours! We arranged the store the way we wanted it haha. There was probably 16 missionaries there. It was pretty fun and then they ordered a ton of pizza for us and there was enough left over to have our own to take home. 

Wednesday is our busiest day of the week. We have lessons almost all day long. It's probably my favorite day of the week. It goes by quick and I feel like i've accomplished a lot in terms of bringing others closer to Christ. We are making lots of progress with less-active members of the church who have lost their way a little. 

Thursday we had interviews with President. Just a routine thing. We tried to see lots of people, but no one was home. 

Friday we helped out with Erik's Eagle Scout Project. haha took me back 4 years ago when I finally finished my eagle. Can't believe it's been that long ago! 

Saturday mornin' we played dodgeball with people in our district. Then we went and helped out more with Erik's Eagle Project. We went and taught the Hill's about the Plan of Happiness. So glad I know what I know about that! Helps a lot when you lose loved ones or close friends. If you don't know about it, ask the missionaries near you!! We ate supper with the Filson's and then were gonna attend a baptism, but I was holding Elder Olsen's carry out and the whole way from the restaurant to the chapel it leaked onto the seat and onto my pants and I didn't realize it til I was gettin' out of the car. So we went and I changed. Didn't make it back in time. I'll be makin' a visit to the dry cleaners this week! 

Sunday was really good too! David Wilcox had his farewell talk. He leaves for the MTC in 2 weeks. He is goin' to serve in Colombia! He is pretty stoked! He is an awesome young man and he will do so good as a missionary! It was cool to come back to this ward and see how hes grown up. He was already a mature kid, at least to me, his family might think differently lol. Since I know they get this email lol. I'm lookin' forward to another great week and I hope yall have a great week too! 


Elder Taylor Bowes

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