Monday, August 27, 2012

Movin' On

Hey yall! I'm headed up to Fairbanks tomorrow to be in the Badger Road ward. I'm trying to be excited! hahaha

This past week has been pretty good. We taught quite a bit and began to prepare people for 2 new Elders. Elder Olsen is headed to Nome!! hahaha It was a pretty happy and sad week. A less-active member that we had been workin' with and who began to come to church again passed away last Friday and we were in shock and disbelief because he was only 34. So we were dealin' with that pretty good I reckon and then Tuesday we found out that another young man who had begun to come back to church and had started to change his life for the better passed away Monday night from an accidental overdose. Clark's funeral (the 19 year old) was on Saturday and was quite long, but the most spiritual and best funeral I have ever attended. It was hard to choke back the emotions, especially when his 9-year old brother, Scott, helped push his casket in with tears rollin' down his cheeks. The message that his father wanted everyone to know was to not do drugs. Don't do it because it's not worth it. He was an awesome young man and many found comfort and acceptance at the funeral. He will be missed. Sunday was Brother Brownson's funeral and his was very good as well and short and celebrated his life. He was an awesome man and loved his boys so much. He will be dearly missed. 

It made me think a lot about what people would say about me at a funeral if I were to pass away. Would people say good things about me or would they say bad things? I thought a lot about it and thought people would say good things and think I was a great person. I encourage you to reflect on your lives and think about what others would say about you. If you find that there are things you should change, change it and live a better life. I know that a better life comes through the Savior. He loves us and wants the best for us. I love yall and hope you have an awesome week!!


Elder Taylor Bowes

**Last Monday for PDay we took a trip down to Portage glacier and made a stop at the wildlife refuge place! Got to pet a moose and have a bear model for me lol :) Hope yall enjoy!**

Elder Olsen and I

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