Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gravedigger !

Wow this email is pretty late and I am sorta dreading doing this email right now... I'll explain. And the pictures will help explain it as well.
So last night we got a phone call from Sister Rogers asking for help to dig a... grave. I was pretty reluctant to do so, but a members mother out here passed away and the family is responsible for digging the grave for their family member that passed away. So we said we would do it because they needed help, so we showed up this morning at 9:30 and they said it would only take an hour then I asked Brother Rogers and he said 3 hours minimum, wait it gets better! It took us from 9:30 til about 3pm. So after almost 6 hours of shoveling, jack hammering, ax chipping and more jack hammering and shoveling, we finally finished! Luckily as you see in the pictures, Brother Rogers and his son drilled holes for us so we didn't have to pick-axe our way through the 2 to 3 foot layer of ice. It's been a long day and I am exhausted. I have a new found appreciation for heavy machinery and other people who dig graves.
So anyways, last Monday we ended up doing quite a bit of service and didn't have much time to get our own stuff done, but it was ok, we enjoyed it. We went to the Atkinson's and had a good night there and then went to the Helgesen's for Family Home Evening. It was really fun.
Tuesday was good, we saw a lot of people. I don't really remember everything we did last week because I haven't been able to email really til now. Sorry!

Wednesday we did the usual service at the library and then we went and helped Albert a little with a house that he was working on for what seemed like forever. We read with Audrey at the Library and then did a little more service and saw some more people.

Thursday we went to do Bingo, but some more Elders in the community passed away. I don't know if I already explained this or not, but the Natives here when they reach a certain age they are considered Elders. So no young missionaries don't worry! haha!  So we just sat around and played cards with the Elders at the Senior Center. Later on we went and ate supper twice and then played basketball. That was a bad idea, I ate way too much haha! I was winded so quickly! Good exercise though!

Friday we did some more service and we went to a basketball game. We met some people there and because we were there we started teaching another person this past week! That was pretty cool. Just by being out in public we have someone new to teach!

Saturday was a really really busy day! We did service and probably saw and taught 7 people or something like that. We had Tyler Stockton with us for most of the day. He is a very witty, funny guy. He is getting ready to go on his mission and is awaiting his mission call! I get excited for others because I know how excited I was!

Sunday was a great day! We had Tyler along for another lesson, as well as, his sister. They are so funny! We got a lot done this week and I felt really good about it!

Sorry this email is a couple of days late. We have had a hectic past couple of days! Ill tell yall all about it next Monday! Hope yall had a great Valentines Day or as others call it National Singles Awareness Day! lol Have a great week!

-Elder Bowes

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