Monday, February 6, 2012

37 :)

Hey yall! Hows it goin'? For me it's pretty dang good! I hope the same for yall!
This week was pretty good! I tell ya, the time is flyin by! It seems like 2 days ago I was emailing yall. The week started out really really cold and then all of a sudden over night the temperature swung 60 somethin degrees!! It's so warm here and everything is starting to melt, which is making it kinda ugly here in Bethel, but it is supposed to drop down below freezing again today or tomorrow or something like that. It won't drop down to the negatives for at least 10 days! So happy! haha! This winter has been pretty strange here, January here in Bethel was the COLDEST on RECORD. Now it's February and it is in the 30's. February is usually the coldest month of winter, I guess not this year!
Monday was a good day to sit around and relax. It was a good day P-day. We taught Audrey again on Monday as well. She is doing great! P-day's out in the bush are very different. We are the only ones within 500 miles of Bethel, whereas in the city or more rural areas there are at least 20 - 40 missionaries that you can play basketball with or that kinda thing.

Tuesday was pretty good I reckon. We met some new people. We met the Turner's finally and got to know them a little bit. They are really nice and he is a Police Officer. We also met with Albert and read with him. We have been working really hard with him, he is facing a lot of difficulty in his life. He can tell a difference in his days when he reads and when he doesn't.

Wednesday was pretty fun! We did service at the Library like usual and the lady that is here when we are was proctoring an exam so I got to check books in and out. Afterwards we had lunch and did some more service with Albert. Then we played basketball with the neighborhood kids in the afternoon because they didn't have school because of terribly visibility. I think the best visibility I had the whole day was like 50 yards, probably a little less. That was pretty fun haha! After that we did a little more service with Albert and then went to the Chavez's for supper again. The foods' always good there!

Thursday we did lots of service. We did Bingo like usual and actually and Elder in one of the villages passed away so there isn't Bingo when that happens. We instead played cards with some of the Elders at the Senior Center. I played Crazy 8's with Moses, he is a blind man and is pretty funny! He is dang good at cards! He has special cards that have the bumps on them, I don't remember what it's called, but anyways that's how he does it! We helped Albert, yet again with more service. We went to Bro. Irvine's for Supper and talked with him for a bit. His food is always good! After that we played basketball again and had a really good time. There were about 15 there to play. Elder Shumway and I are the tallest. The problem out here for them with basketball is they are all too short. They are still really good though!

Friday we did even more service with Albert. We read with him too and taught him a little too. He is almost there! We then got permission to go watch the Girls Varsity basketball game because one of them plays basketball with us and invited us to it. They played Dillingham and won by 6. It was a pretty sloppy game by both teams. Tons of turnovers, but hey a win is a win, right?

Saturday the girl scouts and cub scouts did a Pinewood Derby at the church! That was fun to be at! We helped Judge the cars and stuff. I got a certificate for making the bracket for the cub scouts! I decided I would carve one out and made a chop top bus. It wasn't that fast because I only had an hour to make it and it was kinda on the fly. Oh well! It was a really fun day!

Sunday was good. Church was good! Jade came to church even though his mom didn't! He enjoyed it and he always participates in class! We went to the Helgesen's  for lunch and had to listen to them watch the Superbowl in the other room... :( What made me really happy was that the Patriots lost!!! :D We met with Edward on Sunday as well and he is still on fire. He is so eager to share the gospel with everyone around him! I love seeing that. He is teaching his family about the gospel and I am sure he is making an impact. He is such an example to me and everyone around him. I hope when I am done with my mission I will be just as eager to share the gospel with those I love. I hope this finds yall doing well and that yall had a great week and that you will have an even better week!

Time for me to go enjoy this 36 degree weather!


-Elder Taylor Bowes

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