Monday, January 30, 2012

To: Ya'll From: The Armpit of Alaska

Hey yall! Hows things going?

This past week started out really slow, but it picked up and we had a great week. Last Monday as I told yall last time, we helped out with the K300. The Banquet for it was Monday night and they handed out all the awards and had all the mushers come up and say a few words. It was pretty cool to be there for. They told stories about being out there on the trail. They were both interesting and really funny. Rohn Buser won the K300 and is gonna run the Iditarod.

Tuesday we almost ended up driving some mushers to the airport along with their dogs and gear, but they worked everything out to where we didn't have to help. It wasn't that exciting of a day. Tuesday we went to the Martins for supper. We had homemade pizza! Sister Martins brother in law just moved here from Brazil and is an area authority.

Wednesday we helped out at the Library again. They really appreciate the help we give them. In my mind I'm like, hey, you provide me with a warm place to help out for 2 hours. I'm more than happy to help! As long as there is no cold involved! The cold was pretty miserable all week long. We ate at the Chavez's and then we went and played volleyball with the youth for 30 minutes or so and then we went and taught Paul and his wife. They are very humble and nice people. I enjoy teaching them, and I always learn something from them.

Thursday we called in to Anchorage and had a meeting with them over the phone. You get to learn a lot from others out here, you just have to be humble enough to take it in and listen and then apply it to yourself. That's one thing I am grateful for is humble people who let us in their homes and allow us to share the wonderful gift of the gospel! We met with Audrey at the church again and read with her. She is a very happy, bubbly girl. She is so positive! It's great! We were supposed to play basketball, but only a couple showed up because most were at the tournament either in Bethel or in Galena. So we played horse, pig, knockout, 21. It was pretty fun!

Friday we did lots of service. We helped the Helgesen's tidy up the back of the house. They help us out so much and feed us whenever there is a blank spot on the supper calendar. They let us do our laundry there and everything. They truly serve others and try to help as many people as they can. Friday night we taught their kids and their kids' friends about the scriptures and watched a kids movie about Ammon and King Lamoni. If you wanna read it, it's in Alma Chapters 17, 18, and 19. That's one of my favorite stories in the Book of Mormon.

Saturday the Branch had a potluck at the church and there were lots of people there. We went out and tried to invite as many people as possible to it. Lots of them showed up too which was pretty cool! I love potlucks because you can sit and socialize with others and get to know people better and have a good time. Everyone that came enjoyed it and left full!
Sunday was Branch Conference. It was pretty cool! The talks were awesome and it seemed like it was centered around sharing the gospel with everyone. They told us a story in Sunday school about a beautiful pearl that a man found and he wanted to show everyone. He decided to make a box for it and it was a very nice box with handcarved wood, nice decorative carvings in the side and jewels around the top border of the box. On the inside it was lined with blue velvet and the pearl sat inside. The man set up a display and when people came to look at it, they all commented on how nice the box was and how beautiful the box was, but nobody commented on the beautiful pearl inside. Discouraged and disappointed the man closed his box and took the display down and put it in the attic and never opened it again. The pearl is the gospel. The box represents a building. It doesn't matter what the building looks like, it's what happens inside the building that matters. One thing that President Chadwick said also that caught my attention was that, "Church is a supplement for what should already be happening in the home". I am very grateful for the way my parents raised me, teaching me to walk in the ways of the Lord. I love them for that. 
I love yall and hope yall are doing well! Hope this finds you well!
-Elder Taylor Bowes
-Isaiah 41:10

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