Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!!

I have learned so very much in the past year! I don't even know where to begin. I believe this has probably been the best year of my life so far! I have met so many awesome people and made lifetime friends for sure!
This week was pretty good!
Monday was a little boring though because there is nothing to do here for fun except get cold! lol Plus everything was closed because it was the day after christmas. Monday night we went to the Kreider's for supper with the Helgesen's. That was lots of fun. They are definitely a funny family that is never having a dull moment.
Tuesday was pretty good we went and taught Audrey at her work on break. She is a native girl here in Bethel. She is very nice and seems very bouncy/bubbly. Its funny to watch haha. She is pretty sincere and has a lot on her plate for the next little bit. She walks everywhere too. Idk how she does it... It's sooooo cold out right now. Tuesday night we went to the Charlton's for supper again and then had a lesson with Elin. She is a very sincere young woman. We taught her about the Plan of Salvation and it was a pretty good lesson.
Wednesday we went to the Library and did some service. We help them restock shelves and straighten up when we go in. We also had a lesson with Daniel. He is a convert to the church and wants to go on a mission which is awesome! He is 23 and is leaving for school in Arizona in a couple of days. He is an awesome guy who will be a great missionary wherever he goes! The rest of the day we went around and saw a few people and it was pretty dang cold.
Thursday was pretty good. We had district meeting with the Elders in Nome over the phone. After that we went to the Senior Center and helped them out with Bingo! The lady I was helping was a very sweet woman. I helped her out and she won the first 2 games! She was so happy and gave me the candy that came with the little prizes that they had. I enjoyed helping them and putting smiles on their faces! I definitely look forward to doing that this week! We had another lesson with Elin and it was great! We talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She understands everything very easily which makes it so easy for us. Lessons are great when the people you are teaching do just as much talking or more than you do yourself. Everyone feels edified! Then we taught the kids in the neighborhood around the church and played basketball with them. It was lots of fun. I enjoy teaching them and playing with them!
Friday we went around town and tried to do as much as we could in the cold. It was -29 that day I think. I wish it would warm up to -5 or something or 0. That would be pretty nice to have!
Saturday was New Years Eve. We had to be in early that night. We celebrated our New Year's Eve by playing cards and drinking water and watching church movies and stuff haha. It was fun, I wish there would have been more than just us playing though. People here like to shoot guns straight up into the air here on new years eve.... Not very smart. While thinking about New Years and how we always set new years resolutions and started thinking about this video that I watched on Here is the link to it. When the page comes up click the new videos tab and then watch the video titled "New Year's: Look Not Behind Thee". It's a very good video about New Years.
Sunday was pretty good too. We taught Edward about Fasting and why we fast and how we fast for a purpose. We taught Oscar about keeping the sabbath day holy and we got to teach Elin again before she left today. In every lesson we felt the spirit and so did they. I love Sundays because you can sit back, reflect on what Christ has done for us and really focus on the gospel and study it and relax. I am so grateful for my mission. I have learned so much and have grown so much as a young man. I truly believe these will be the best 2 years of my life so far, and I am sure there will be things to come that will be better, but they will always be the best 2 years for my life! I love yall and hope yall had a wonderful New Year's and that you set awesome goals for yourselves and that you are able to accomplish them!
-Elder Taylor Bowes
Pictures will be coming whenever I get my camera cord. Hopefully soon!

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