Monday, January 23, 2012

Kuskokwim 300!

This week was pretty cool. We played basketball with the neighborhood kids on Monday. I have probably already said this before, but we teach them before we play and they love the lessons. I think they like basketball more, but they still get something out of what we teach them.
The beginning of the week was the usual, not anything too terribly interesting. Elder Shumway still has terrible balance on ice. He has fallen more times than he has been on his mission if you count the days. Maybe. It's close if it's not. Thankfully he hasn't broken anything!
Wednesday we went and did service at the Library again. Cleaning and puttin' books back on the shelf. We had lunch with Corbin at Subway and he bought! It was awesome. There are NO 5 dollar footlongs in Alaska. It's like 8 or 9 bucks for a foot long. Crazy expensive. He was gonna be racing in the Kuskokwim 300, but had to withdraw. We have been teaching him a little. Wednesday night the Young women sang at the K300 concert. They did a great job.
Thursday was pretty good. Got to go and do Bingo again! I love helping out with that. Haven't had anyone fall asleep on me lately. That was a funny day. Thursday night Bro. Wheeler's daughter was baptized! It was cool! They had some food afterwards and it was soooo good!
Friday was gonna be a really awesome day! We were all set to help out Ramey Smyth, a dog musher who finished 2nd last year in the Iditarod race. When we got there to help he decided he didn't need our help getting his stuff to the starting line. :( Friday night we went to the start of the Kuskokwim 300 dog sled race! It was really exciting! Those dogs, once they get hooked up they are ready to run, like really hard and fast and they have to tie the sleds to something that can withstand the force of the dogs pulling so they don't take off from excitement. I have some pictures from that, but yet again, I can't send them. Next week there will probably be like 30 pictures coming. Sorry to keep you waiting. The start of the race is on the frozen river! We drove on the river Friday, Saturday and Sunday! It was pretty cool! No rules on the river!
Saturday was good. Sunday was really good! The people who spoke talked about daily scripture study. It was really good. Lots of people needed to hear that. The scriptures can change the way your day goes! Read them! I challenge yall to read the Book of Mormon, if you don't wanna do that then at least read the Bible. Read something spiritual. It gives you a boost! There is a scripture that goes something like "Feast upon the words of Christ, for they will tell you all things." something like that. Apply the scriptures to yourself! It helps you improve yourself! Love yall! Have a good one!!!
-Elder Taylor Bowes

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