Monday, January 16, 2012

0 degrees!!!!!!! YES!!!!

Hey yall!
This past week was pretty good! We worked hard and taught lots! We played basketball with the local neighborhood kids last monday. They are pretty dang good and they are getting me into shape! Thank goodness! Monday we went to the Helgesen's and had family home evening with them. That was lots of fun, they are a great family and they help us out lots! We do our laundry there and they feed us really whenever.
Tuesday we decided to go knock some doors because it was 'warm', haha yea right! It was probably -5 and with the wind chill it was probably -20. It was good though we met a man who is an Elder in the Moravian church. He was a very nice man and accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon. He said he would read it and that he would call us when he comes to town, he lives in a village north of Bethel. Might I add there are lots of villages around Bethel, I think like 50 or somethin like that.
Wednesday we went and did service at the Library and cleaned shelves and re-shelved books. I actually like doing it. Feels good to help others. When we serve others we are serving God as well because He is our Heavenly Father and we are all brothers and sisters. We have been reading the Book of Mormon with lots of people and it's cool because it's like I am re-reading it 2 times all at once! It's great! Wednesday night we went to Paul's house and taught him and his wife, they just got married last month, we talked about eternal marriage with them. She just joined the church about 10 months ago in Las Vegas and they are very excited for when they can be sealed for time and all eternity. That is something that I am so grateful for. I know that families can be together and I am glad that my parents were married in the temple back in.... well whatever year that was.... haha sorry mom and dad! That is something that is so comforting to me is to know that we will be together especially when a family member or loved one passes away. Last year I lost my Grandpa Beene and also Granny in November. It is sad that they are not here, but I know I will see them again. I know families are forever. The Lord desires that for everyone!
Thursday we went and were supposed to help with Bingo, but it ended up being Slaviq. It is a Russion Orthodox celebration of Christmas. It was pretty neat to see, they sang in Upik and one verse of Silent Night in English. I had never seen anything like it before so it was a great experience! We played basketball with the kids around here again. It is pretty cool because we teach them before we play basketball and we get them to pray! For some it could be the first time in their life, or it could be a regular thing, but prayer is something we are supposed to do. God wants to hear from us. It's like a long distance phone call to someone you haven't seen in a long time. We make Him happy when we pray, or call on Him and I know I feel better when I do! He loves us and wants to hear from us!
Not too much happened Friday or Saturday, but they were good days and we worked hard to find people to teach!
Sunday was really good! Sister Stockton and Sister Martins both spoke about the importance of primary. I remember my days in Primary! Seems like forever ago! I loved Primary. I might not have learned a whole lot, but I do remember the singing! I can still remember most of the words! I found this 'Scripture a Day' thing in our room and one of the scriptures was Proverbs 22:6 "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old he will not depart from it." That is so true! I don't remember learning much, but I do remember doing it. My parents raised me right and taught me to follow the Lord. I love them for that and I hope every other kid gets that chance! I am learning so much out here! It's awesome!
I love what I am doing and I don't wanna be anywhere else! Sorry I don't have any pictures! I do have some very pretty pictures of the sunsets though! I will get them to you soon!!!
-Elder Taylor Bowes

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