Monday, February 20, 2012


Well yall heard a little about my week last week! Monday was spent digging that grave and Tuesday at the funeral and trying to finish things we didn't finish on Monday.
The rest of the past week was really good! It seemed like everything fell into our laps and we didn't have to really do much.
Wednesday we did the usual service at the Library and then we went to the Turner's and read with them and talked. We ate supper at the Chavez's and had fun at their house and then we went and taught Paul and Stacy Rogers and had a great discussion about Faith. they are gonna get sealed in the temple in Anchorage in the summer! I'm excited for them!
Thursday we went to do Bingo again and more elders in the community passed away so we played cards again and I played crazy 8's with Moses again. He is funny, he gets really excited when we play! We had supper at Brother Irvine's again and then we taught Jesslyn. She is gonna get baptized! We had to move basketball to Friday because of an activity at the church.
Friday we played basketball right when they got out of school and then ate supper with the Atkinson's and had a short lesson with them.
Saturday was a super busy day. We went to lunch with Sister Gable at a restaurant. Then for the next 3 hours we had back to back lessons! It was awesome! lol We had Tyler come with us. Tyler is gonna be a great missionary! He already knows so much about the gospel. We got a call from a guy named Ben. He is Samoan and they needed help moving out of their place so we helped him and his wife and his sister move things to their new place. They are super nice and very humble. The whole time we were helping we talked with him about the church and how we believe that families can be together forever. His wife is a member and wants her kids to grow up in the church. We are gonna start teaching him and his sister! I am so excited for that! He told us that in Samoa, the church is law. He said if on Sunday you're not at home with your family reading the Bible then you can get in trouble. Pretty crazy but that's really cool!
Sunday church was really good and we were able to do a lot. I taught the youth Sunday School class because Sister Sorg is pregnant and was not feeling well. Elder Shumway taught Gospel Principles class. It was a lot of fun teaching them. We talked about the atonement and what Christ has done for all of us. We were studying out of 2 Nephi for the lesson. It was a really good lesson! Without the Atonement we would be lost forever. :( Thank goodness for the Atonement!! :D We went to the Stockton's for Tyler's birthday and supper! We had an absolute blast over there and so did they! They said we are climbing up the list of favorite missionaries! haha He turned 20 and had a very great birthday from the looks of how much he was smiling! It was a really good week! Hope yalls was just as good!
Love yall and hope yall have a great week this week!
-Elder Bowes

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